River Tar

The river Tar is a limestone river similar to a Chalkstream

A lime stone river very similar to the south of England chalk- streams. A wide (45 ft/15 m), shallow river, with a healthy growth of flowering ranunculus weed. The bottom is level, making wading easy. It is not- ed for its remarkable dry fly fishing due to the shallow nature of the river.

The River Tar is a lowland stream flowing through the foothills of the Knocklmealdown mountains, through lush pasture land. A beautiful river and very similar to the chalk streams in southern En- gland.
The river has a good stock of fish from 20 to 30 cm as well as some much larger fish up to 45 cm. It generally only fishes for a few weeks of the year as the weed becomes too thick to fish for many months of the season. But when we can fish it – it is a joy to fish!


Fish Size

The fish average size is from 20 to 30 cm
(8 to 12) inches, larger fish are also caught. The fish are small but very beautiful.  As this river is very weedy we fish between the small channels between the weeks so small dry flies and nymphs work best.   All of our beats are guided only.

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Clonanav Fly Fishiing


Fly Fishing in Ireland is a joy and rich in history and culture. You will be walk and wade fishing on the rivers, there are no drift boats due to fishing rights. All the rivers are pri- vate and either owned by private owners or fishing clubs.

On the Rivers Suir and Nire the rivers have only native brown trout and salmon. There are very few other species except for an occasional pike.


The weather can be very changeable in Ireland! So be prepared for rain and some cold. A good wading jacket and some warm layers are essential. Waders with wading boots with rubber soles and studs are most commonly used. If you are bringing your own gear there is no law against felt boots

and you dont have to disinfect them at the airport.

Rods & Lines

Dry Fly Fishing – 8.5 to 9ft # 3 wt rods
Dry & Dropper Fishing – 9ft # 4wt rods
Euro Nymphing – 10ft # 2/3 wt rods are ideal. Tippet sizes are fine, in the early part of the year we use 5X but as we go through the season we move to 6X and 7X as the water is clear and the fish are very selective.


The flies we use are a mix of dries, nymphs and streamers. During the year the flies do not vary hugely and there are always some essentials to have in your box. For other patterns we sell all the local delicacies in our store                  

Dries – Klinkhammers, Comparaduns, Stacked Hackle BWO, CDC Duns, Elk Hair Caddis Nymphs – PTN Flashback, Hares Ear, tungsten beaded nymphs, riffle nymph, perdigons Streamers – Woolly buggers in var colours, Zonker and skulpin patterns                       

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