Suir Salmon

Salmon fishing on the Suir

Clonanav Fly Fishing has access to someof the best salmon fishing available in the south of the country. We have access to several beats on the Suir- over 8 miles in total. Beats are spread along the length of the river, which means we have excellent fishing available despite water levels.

The river Suir is the second longest river in Ireland and boasts some runs of some of the biggest fish in the country. Fish of 15-18lbs are commonplace.

The Suir is renowned for large atlantic salmon and holds the Irish record for the largest salmon caught on rod and line. The Suir has the distinction of producing Ireland’s record rod-caught salmon. It weighed 57 lb and was taken on a fly by Michael Maher in 1874.

The river has a long tradition of fly fishing for salmon. The main equipment used are 12-13ft Spey rods using 8-9wt lines. If you dont have these we can supply them.

Fish Size

Suir salmon are large and strong Atlantic Salmon.  The average size is between 10-15 lb with larger fish also being landed.  The Suir has always hard runs or large hard fighting fish.  But they are not easily caught and the atlantic salmon is often referred to as the fish of a 1,000 casts!

 All of our beats are guided only.

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Clonanav Fly Fishiing


Fly Fishing in Ireland is a joy and rich in history and culture. You will be walk and wade fishing on the rivers, there are no drift boats due to fishing rights. All the rivers are private and either owned by private owners or fishing clubs.

On the Rivers Suir and Nire the rivers have only native brown trout and salmon. There are very few other species except for an occasional pike.


The weather can be very changeable in Ireland! So be prepared for rain and some cold. A good wading jacket and some warm layers are essential. Waders with wading boots with rubber soles and studs are most commonly used. If you are bringing your own gear there is no law against felt boots

and you dont have to disinfect them at the airport.

Rods & Lines

Rods- 12 – 13ft Spey Rods
Lines – Scandi style Shooting heads
Tippet – 15 – 20lb tippet
Attached on to our shooting heads we use Poly leaders or Versi Leaders, these really help with presentation and getting some depth for the fly.


The river Suir is Catch and Release only so we use either tubes or double barbless.  All hooks have to de-barbed.              

Doubles – Cascades, Willie Gunn, Calvin Shrimp, IBS Cascade, Purple Peril

Tubes – Pot Belly Pigs, Cascade Coneheads etc                      

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